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What Is the Lifespan of an Electric Gate and What Kind of Power Supply Does it Need?

Installing an electric gate can help you keep away intruders and restrict access for the safety of your family and property. Electric gates have proven their convenience and usefulness to various niches of the market, including residential and commercial sectors. It can be confusing for people to determine the lifespan of an electric gate and what kind of power supply it needs. We hope to clear those doubts with this blog. 


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The Lifespan of Electric Gates

With electric gates, reliability is essential. No matter how long all the parts may last, the whole system is pointless unless it works efficiently.

An excellent electric gate that is accurately designed should fulfill a reasonable 15 to 20 years with regular service and maintenance. So, 15 or more years is a fair, dependable life expectancy for an electric gate subject to wear and tear.

You can ensure to get the longest lifespan from your electric gate by conducting annual maintenance. See that your gates are running freely and its hinges are regularly greased. If the hinges aren’t functioning properly, then the electric gate motors will wear out faster.

Power Supply Needed For the Job

DH Fencing can provide you with electric gates that function on either an external or solar option.

  • External Transformer (24v motors)

    An external transformer is a highly popular option as there is no legal excavation depth needed for running the 24v cable to the motor of the gate. A small added cost is wiring the transformer in a weatherproof enclosure and modifying the motor.

    A power source is needed at the building or house where the transformer is mounted with an extra low voltage and a safe 24v cable is laid to the gate. A distance of 100 meters should be set and a twin-core garden light cable (2.5mm2 to 4mm2) should be used.

  • Solar (24v motors)

    Solar panels are also becoming increasingly popular, mostly to homeowners who have no power supply within 100 meters of their entrance gate. If your place doesn’t have much sunlight, you can add extra solar panels to your solar power systems to raise the charging capacity.

    Ensure to pay extra attention while installing your solar panels as it’s important to set the correct angle as per the installation location. Your solar panels should not be shaded by trees as they will have an adverse effect on their performance.

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